Color Champa Incenses

7 Boxes of Color Champa Incense Range
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This is the complete selection of 7 fragrances in the Color Champa collection.
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Black Champa Incense 25gm
A blend of sandalwood and forest herbs, mildly sweet yet spicy.
Blue Champa Incense 25gm
A mellow blend of rose, jasmine & sandalwood.
Gold Champa Incense 25gm
A rich aromatic fragrance combining amber & sandalwood, sweet & woodsy.
Green Champa Incense 25gm
An uplifting blend of citrus, garden flowers & sandalwood.
Orange Champa Incense 25gm
Sweet woods and spices combine to produce an atmosphere of well being.
Purple Champa Incense 25gm
Create the perfect environment for prayer and worship with this blend of...
Red Champa Incense 25gm
This invigorating complex aroma is a blend that is sweet, exotic & fruity.